Chad Fulton

Name:Chad Fulton
Education:BA, MS, PhD1
Economics, University of Oregon
Areas of interest:Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Research:Rational inattention, Prices
Code written in:Python, MATLAB, R, Stata, Javascript
Chad Fulton

[1] Expected, 2016
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Education and Research

I am a fourth year PhD student in the economics department at the University of Oregon. My research focuses on rational inattention, considering boundedly rational agents who cannot perfectly track economic conditions and must choose what to pay attention to. I apply these theoretical tools along with large-dimensional econometric tools (for example dynamic factor models) to explain the behavior of price movements at the firm, sector, and aggregate levels.

|BA, Econ|ECONorthwest|Evergreen Economics|GSOC 2013|GSOC 2014|GSOC 2015


Google Summer(s) of Code: Time-Series Econometrics in Python

I spent two summers (2013 and 2014) participating in Google Summer of Code on behalf of Statsmodels, an open source project bringing statistical and econometric modeling tools to the Python programming language. For more information, see the Code section. In brief, my contributions included:

ECONorthwest and Evergreen Economics:

Between undergraduate and graduate school, I spent two years "getting my hands dirty" performing economic analysis for ECONorthwest and Evergreen Economics, two economic consulting firms operating out of Portland, Oregon. I conducted or supported a number of interesting projects, including: